Our Process

The typical workflow of a powder coated job at Diamond Custom Coatings is as follows:

After parts have been received from the customer, we’ll generate a shop work order and schedule the job for production. Once put into production, parts are cleaned and pretreated using an iron phosphate wash/etch system. They are then fully dried. At this time, any protective masking or plugging is applied. Prepared parts are now sent to one of the powder coating booths where they are electrically grounded. Dry powder material is oppositely charged and electrostatically applied to the grounded metal parts. This process uses no harmful solvents and produces very little waste which makes it very environmentally friendly. Having been fully coated, parts are now sent to one of the batch ovens where they will be cured at a specified time and temperature to produce an extremely durable and uniform finished film. After cooling all parts are sent for inspection, then to final packaging for customer pickup or delivery.

Our Process:

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